Are Penis Enlargement Pills the Only Method to Get a Big Penis

Penis enlargement pills have been in use for decades, but they only gained international attention about ten years ago. The first penis enlargement pill was developed in a German laboratory around forty years ago. Scientists wanted to develop a product that would help men with erectile dysfunction or the lack of ability to gain an erection. Since the enlargement of the penis was the most pressing issue that needed resolve, they put their effort into developing this product.

The FDA has approved penis enlargement tablets. They have also been subject to extensive scientific evidence that they do work. Many consumers like myself have purchased these supplements and felt great results.

Are penis enlargement pills effective?

Unfortunately, scientific evidence doesn’t support that penis enlargement pills work. They are mainly sold over-the counter and in many supplement shops selling male enhancement products. The reason that these supplements are so widely sold is because consumers need to feel that there is some sort of hope for them. Many men who use them feel their lives are over due to their small penis sizes and need a solution.

If you asked 100 people if they would like an inch more in their penis size, ninety percent would answer yes. This number is not derived from a random survey. This represents the actual results of real people using penis enlargement pills. The truth is that most men believe that the average penis size is too small. They want to do something about it and penis enlargement pills may be the answer.

Erectile dysfunction or pre-ejaculatory issues

One of the most common ingredients found in male enhancement supplements is called Extenze. This ingredient is made up of many different chemicals including but not limited to beta alanine, caffeine and of course L-Arginine. Extenze can also be used to treat erectile dysfunction or pre-ejaculatory issues. Companies have begun to use Extenze with other ingredients in their male enhancement formulas, as it can be used to treat both impotence and erectile dysfunction. These herbs include Zinc, Ginseng and Gingko, as well as Tribulus Terrestris.

With all of the hype that is out there about penis enlargement pills, you would think that the only thing left to do would be choose the best brand. What you probably won’t find is that there are companies out there that sell generic supplements. These companies don’t have a patent on their products. So, they can put almost anything on them as ingredients and call it a supplement. These supplements may be as effective as prescription drugs, but they don’t come with any warranty or guarantee.