Penis Size by Country – Facts About Penis Length Around the World

Did you know that penis sizes vary drastically from country to country? Ultimately, genetics play the biggest role, but proper nutrition is important for healthy development. WorldData released data on penis size by country, which measures the length of the penis from the tip of the shaft to the base of the pubic bone. Here are some facts about penis size in different countries, sorted by continent. Aside from sex preferences, penis size is another important factor to consider when choosing a condom.

Data about penis size by country

Developing a definitive list of average penis lengths across countries is not easy. There are hundreds of studies, and a number of methods have been developed to estimate average penis size. However, there is still some controversy about the methodology used in these studies, as most use self-report data or laboratory measurements. Ultimately, the data from these studies is not representative of the real world. That is why these charts are so valuable.

A recent study found that the average penis length in countries is approximately 5.6 inches. In the UK, the average penis is 5.5 inches. The Democratic Republic of Congo has the smallest penis on average, with only one centimeter in length. In fact, the average penis size is 7.1 inches in North Korea, making it the world’s smallest nation. Despite the fact that penis size is a major factor in determining whether a man is fit for sex, it is important to note that only 3% of men in the world are over eight inches. Those that have a penis that is less than 8 inches must use extra large condoms, but overall, penis sizes aren’t bad in countries with poorer economies.

The world’s average size is 4.6 inches

Interestingly, the world’s average penis size is 4.6 inches. While the numbers in the United States are more than six inches long, the world’s average is only five centimeters. In addition, the average is 5.16 inches around when erect. The United States, Austria, and Italy are the countries with the largest average and smallest ideal penis size. But it is the UK that is the shortest.

The average penis size in the UK is 5.9 inches, while that of North Korea is 3.8 inches. In other words, the UK is the largest country in the world when it comes to penises. Fortunately, the rest of the world isn’t far behind. With a world map, it’s easy to compare the average penis sizes of each country. In a few weeks, it will be possible to find out which country has the largest erect penises.

The average penis size in the US is 4.8 inches. In South America, the average is 5.1 inches, while in Europe, the average is 4.9 inches. The US, however, is the most populous nation, with an erect penis on average of 5.9 inches. Angola is the smallest country, with an average of 5.7 in. If you’re a woman, you should know your own body size!